Nibble & Nip: What is a Nibble & Nip, you might ask? It’s an event for homeowners to meet and mingle! Participants are asked to bring their own spirits as well as an appetizer or dessert to share with the group. This event is held quarterly, and each event is themed. Stay tuned to the Anchor, our Information Board, and our E-Blasts to find out when the next Nibble & Nip is.

Owners Only: This event is an open event for homeowners to use the beach club at their leisure from 3-8 PM in the fall & winter, and 4-9 PM during the spring & summer. You’re welcome to come and sit on the deck and watch the sunset or invite friends to come and play a card game. Various subgroups of the Men’s Club and Women’s Club meet during this time as well. This event takes place every other Monday.  You may bring food and drinks to enjoy at this event.

*Please see the latest edition of The Anchor or the News You Can Use for the current event schedule.