Owner Updates for the Week of 6/8/20

Owner Updates for the Week of 6/8/20
With the nicer weather and the influx of vacationers, the beach and pools are understandably in high demand. We realize why everyone is exciting about getting out to enjoy the sunshine with neighbors and friends, but your POA management team urges you to remain cognizant of potential dangers stemming from COVID-19. Infection rates have rapidly increased on the Island lately, so we hope that you will help us help you stay safe while enjoying the outdoors. In that regard, please be advised of the following:
  • Please do not park in the Sonesta Resort’s lot.
  • The Sonesta Resort’s pool is off limits, and only open to hotel guests. Please be good neighbors and adhere to this policy.
  • Regime/timeshare pools are strictly for use by owners/guests in those areas. Please do not use pools in areas where you do not own or rent.
  • Please remember to keep social distancing for everyone’s safety.
  • Wear a mask when encountering others outside of your household.
  • We have been happy to have good turnouts for the Owner Deck Evenings at the Beach Club. However, we want to remind you that the Beach Club is a social distancing zone. Please do not move the furniture, do not sit in groups of more than four, do not attend if you do not RSVP 48 hours or more prior to an event, stay home if you feel feverish or otherwise unwell, and practice good hand hygiene when you are in the building. We have appropriate distancing signage and hand sanitizer on-hand to support same.
  • Please be reminded that beach cart use is limited to persons from the same household per trip.
  • All four shower towers are now open in an effort to reduce crowding in that area. Please use good hand hygiene when using the showers.
  • We ask that everyone refrain from leaving beach chairs (or other equipment) tied or locked to the beach walkway. Any equipment left in this manner will be discarded.
Thanks so much for doing your part. Enjoy the beach (or pools), and please stay safe.
Your POA Management Team
-Sally, Meredith & Lawrence