Shipyard Operations Update for the Week of 4/20/20

Shipyard Operations Update for the Week of 4/20/20
Courtesy of Your Management Team
Keeping You in the Loop
Good morning. We hope this message finds you well. The security team is fully staffed, and working in accordance with official guidelines regarding social distancing and personal protection equipment (PPE). Administrative staff has been doing a combination of functioning on skeleton crew in the Welcome Center and teleworking, while slowly working toward resuming a normal office schedule. As always, we are still here for you via telephone or email (see below).
  • Pass Requests: or or (843) 785-3310. All calls are currently forwarded to mobile emergency phones and will be answered Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. After those hours, or on weekends, please call (843) 785-4776 (Parkway) or (843) 785-3776 (Pope).
  • Administrative Concerns/Questions: Sally Warren – or Meredith Elmore
  • Security Concerns/Questions: Lawrence Alexander
In the meantime, we have been staying abreast of federal and local regulations regarding best business practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and making changes accordingly. In keeping with our efforts to keep you in the loop, please note the following changes going forward:
  • The Welcome Center will open under temporary guidelines on Friday, May 1st at 8am. What will be different?
  • We will strictly adhere to social distancing and cleanliness guidelines, as outlined by the CDC.
  • We will limit traffic to no greater than 5 people (non-employees) in the building at any given time, in accordance with Governor McMaster’s order regarding limits of 5 persons per 1000 sq feet.
  • Anyone entering the building will be required to stay a minimum of 6ft away from all others.
  • The hours will be from 8am-1pm Monday through Friday.
  • We will not have weekend hours until further notice. However, our dispatch team will be available at the Vistors/Dispatch Lane for assistance on the weekends.
  • This is only temporary. We will extend the hours back to 7:45 am-4:15 pm as soon as deemed safe for you and our employees.
  • The Beach Club will remain closed for now, but you will see that we are making plans for a soft re-opening when you read the latest edition of The Anchor. Copies will be e-blasted soon.
All About COVID-19
Thanks for continuing such a great job adhering to the Town requested parking restrictions in the beach area. Please refrain from parking in the turnaround parking spots (near the beach parking checkpoint) also. Be reminded that beach parking in regime lots is not permitted. We appreciate how you are all doing your part in helping us adhere to social distancing standards and keep everyone safe and healthy.
About the Beach
The Town Council voted 7 to 0 on April 21, 2020 to keep the beaches closed until the end of April, and to revisit the opening of the beaches at their meeting next week. Shipyard closed their beach access for parking in compliance with
the request from the Town of Hilton Head and will follow the Town’s lead to remain closed until the end of April. More information will be coming after the Town Council’s next meeting. According to the Town website, there are
approximately 27 cases of Covid-19 currently on Hilton Head. As previously noted, the management team will be working on plans to reopen the beach access if the Town determines that there will be an opening starting in May. More information will be provided as those plans formalize.
About Protecting Yourselves & Each Other
It is important that any visitors or owners from hot spots quarantine for 14 days, and the Town recommends wearing masks and continuing social distancing to contain the virus spread. Please visit this website if you need guidance about the proper way to wear a mask or assistance with making masks at home:
Maintenance & Operations Updates
As far as what’s been going on related to property maintenance and operations, the following are recently completed and upcoming projects/initiatives:
  • We are hoping to replace the carpet in the Beach Club during the first week of May.
  • MAJ will be manually removing some sand from around the beach shower/walkway area next week.
  • Collection work is continuing on outstanding assessments.
Commercial Partner Updates
Please note the operational updates for SPOA’s commercial partners:
Hilton Head Health – Closed until further notice.
Shipyard Golf – Operational with revised social distancing guidelines and limited to-go food service. Call (843) 686-8802 for details.
Sonesta Resort – Closed through early June.
Van Der Meer Tennis – Operational with limited play hours. Call (843) 686-8804 for details.
Attached is an updated list of area restaurants offering to-go or delivery services. Thanks for everything you have done to support local restaurants. Please note that we are still not charging any gate fees for restaurant, grocery, pharmacy, or other medical supply delivery companies during this stay-at-home period.
We are here if you need us, and we sincerely hope you all continue to stay safe and well informed. Thanks for your patience and everything you have done to cooperate with us.
Your Shipyard Management Team
-Sally, Meredith, & Alexander