Shipyard Operations Update-Soft Openings Went Well

Shipyard Operations Update-Soft Openings Went Well
Courtesy of Your Management Team
About the Beach
We successfully implemented the soft opening of the beach parking today, and everyone seems to be doing a great job social distancing. Please continue to enjoy the beach, but do everything possible to keep a safe distance especially while using the narrow walkway. As a reminder:
  • Shower facilities are not available and the water has been turned off.
  • The beach restrooms will only be open from 9 am to 3 pm until further notice.
  • All beach-goers should bring their own hand sanitizer, as supplies are limited.
  • The beach locker area will continue to be open for your convenience, but please do not touch others’ lockers.
As soon as it is deemed safe by the appropriate officials, we will relax these restrictions for everyone’s enjoyment. And please be reminded that the success of the beach parking being open will depend on the continued compliance of owners and guests.
About the Welcome Center
The Welcome Center successfully opened under temporary guidelines today. Traffic was steady, and we were happy to see that everyone followed our temporary social distancing and occupancy guidelines (no more than 5 people (non-employees) in the building at any given time, in accordance with Governor McMaster’s order regarding limits of 5 persons per 1000 sq feet).
  • Through at least 5/15, the Welcome Center hours will be from 8 am-1 pm Monday through Friday.
  • We will not have weekend hours until further notice. However, our dispatch team will be available at the Visitors/Dispatch Lane for assistance on the weekends.
We will extend the hours back to 7:45 am-4:15 pm as soon as deemed safe for you and our employees.
About the Beach Club
The Beach Club will remain closed for now. However, we are working on plans to have a soft opening some time in early June. More details will be available soon.
About Protecting Yourselves & Each Other
It is important that any visitors or owners from hot spots quarantine for 14 days, and the Town recommends wearing masks and continuing social distancing to contain the virus spread. Please visit this website if you need guidance about the proper way to wear a mask or assistance with making masks at home:
We sincerely hope you all continue to stay safe. We are here if you need us. Please continue to support local restaurants. They need our help during these trying times. An updated link is below for your reference. Thanks for your patience, support, and everything else you have done to cooperate with us.
Your Shipyard Management Team
-Sally, Meredith, & Lawrence