Shipyard – Size Matters

By Dave Humphrey

Shipyard statistically might surprise you. Our unique community spreads over 800 acres with 1,080 condos – sometimes called villas – and 258 residential homes. We have about 15 miles of roads and equal mileage for a network of bike paths. When we started this series of articles asking “Why Shipyard?” many respondents mentioned the compact size of Shipyard. Many said they like the diversity of homes. They like the picturesque landscape, the wildlife and easy access to the beach.

Celebrating 25 years of Shipyard living, Dennis and Pat Foley came from Rhode Island to make Kingston Cove their home. Dennis says “Shipyard is convenient, attractive and well laid out for both residents and renters.” How important are the Foley’s surroundings? Dennis grabs his binoculars and says “We have million dollar views – both golf and lagoon. We have watched countless birds of every specie,  alligators and even an errant otter occasionally. Our binoculars are always ready to observe the wildlife that abounds here.”

Jack and Ellen Lowe arrived here by way of North Carolina, Ohio and Kentucky — first as vacationers. “Our experience with Shipyard started with the purchase of a timeshare, then a condo, and now our home on Gloucester Road. Before selecting Shipyard as our permanent home, we considered other plantations, but Shipyard won out because of its size and convenient island location. However, the most important reason we chose Shipyard is because of the community of people who live here.”

Moving here from West Virginia, Michael and Pam Blackshire also cite “location and size” among their reasons for making Shipyard their home 23 years ago. Michael adds, “We enjoy the south
end of the island, having easy beach access, and the convenience of two entrance/exit gates.”

Echoing his Residential South neighbor, former Marylander Hap Todd, when asked “Why Shipyard?” replied “small plantation, with two entrances, easy in and out. And since it’s small you get to know your neighbors.”

This article is the second in a series asking Shipyard residents why they decided to make Shipyard their home. The writer is Dave Humphrey who lives in Residential South.