Special Beach Access Update

Special Beach Access Update
Courtesy of Your Management Team
Thanks for all of your efforts regarding social distancing during these unprecedented times. For the most part, everything went quite well with our soft opening of the beach area. Accordingly, we are making additional changes regarding access and beach area amenities to make the beach experience even more convenient, safe, and enjoyable for everyone. Please make note of the following reminders/changes:
  • The restrooms will continue to be open from 9 am-3 pm daily. They are serviced a minimum of two times daily. You may have noticed that there is hand sanitizer in both restrooms. We will try to keep them full as much as possible, but often supplies are limited due to the increased demand. Please make an effort to bring your own hand sanitizer with you just in case.
  • The shower towers (#1 & #4 only) will open tomorrow. They will also be cleaned a minimum of two times daily. However, in the interest of everyone’s safety, please try to use wipes or towels to press the shower nozzle. We want to be as careful as possible about spreading germs.
  • There are now two ways to access the beach. Starting today, you may use the regular POA path or the Sonesta’s path. Please note that the Sonesta’s path has stairs. This way you will have another way to properly socially distance when attempting to pass on the walkway to the beach. We ask that you try to yield to oncoming traffic on the paths so that you can reduce the chances of contact as much as possible.
  • Did you get your beach hangtag yet? You still have time, as the Welcome Center is open Monday – Friday from 8 am-1 pm if you need to do so. All you need to bring is your owner code or a state-issued photo ID. For your convenience, golf cart service will begin on May 15th. However, you will not be required to display a beach hangtag until May 23rd. The carts will run from 9 am-4 pm daily, weather permitting, and will only carry one household per trip for social distancing purposes.
We are constantly accessing ways to make things more convenient, while still adhering to social distancing and other safety guidelines. As any other changes become necessary, we will keep you in the loop. In the meantime, please help us keep all Shipyard owners, employees, and guests as safe as possible by respecting the temporary guidelines noted herein. Be well!
Your Management Team
Sally, Meredith, and Lawrence