#9PMRoutine #ShipyardSafe

We recommend our residents, take a minute and go through the below checklist if you have a video surveillance system. You might be surprised what you find. Surveillance systems provide an extra set of eyes and security but only when the cameras are working, the review/backup function is accessible and the camera view isn’t obstructed. Make sure your system is ready to provide you that back up support, if you ever need it!
  1. Do you know your username and password?
  2. is the date and time correct?
  3. Are all the cameras working?
  4. Are the camera lenses clear of dust, debris and cobwebs?
  5. Are the camera views unobstructed by trees, shrubbery, and structural overhangs?
  6. Are the cameras in recording mode or live view only?
#9PMROUTINE 🕘🔒#ShipyardSafe