Assessment Fee

The 2022 assessment is $1,030.00.

25% of all Assessment Fee revenues collected annually are utilized to supplement our Catastrophic Reserve for extraordinary expenses.

The POA mails the annual assessments during the last week of December each year. Payments are due back in the POA office on or before January 31 the following year.

It is the owner’s responsibility to contact Atlantic States Management if they don’t receive a bill (843-785-3278).

Every property owner in Shipyard pays an assessment fee, including those who own a lot.

It is the responsibility of every owner to make payment on time.

Late fees will be applied if not received by the due date.

Properties in another regime may incur additional association charges and fees, please check with your regime.

Please make checks payable to Shipyard POA or call 843-785-3278 to pay with a debit card.

*The annual assessment fee is different than a regime fee*