Committees & Minutes

The Shipyard community has many opportunities for owners to become involved in the planning, execution, and review for all things Shipyard. While the SPOA Board of Directors governs the operation of the community, the day-to-day workings are managed by the SPOA Staff at the Welcome Center.

A description of each committee is listed below. If you are interested in learning more or applying to be on a committee, please contact the Administrative Operations Lead at

Architectural Review Board (ARB)
*meets as scheduled*

The Architectural Review Board known as the ARB maintains a balance between development and the natural surroundings. The ARB’s responsibility, as stated in the Covenants, is to ensure the orderly development and renovation of any structure, big or small, within the POA. All Shipyard property owners, (this includes all private residential, condominium, commercial, and timeshare), must adhere to the ARB Guidelines as required by the SPOA Covenants. The ARB is a group of owners with a staff architect whose job is to review all new construction, tree removal, additions, landscaping, renovations, and substantial exterior construction.

Communication and Public Relation Committee
*1st Tuesday of every other month*

The Communication/PR committee is a group of Shipyard Owners whose goal is to evaluate and introduce communication initiatives. They gather to discuss all aspects of communication from the Shipyard POA to owners, commercial, Shipyard Businesses, and rental companies. Communication initiatives such as The Anchor, News You Can Use, Weekly Updates, and the new Commercial Newsletter, are all popular topics. The added tasks of brainstorming community activities have created a social aspect to the committee. Ideas to increase community involvement have included Trivia Night, Owner Deck Days, and more.

Community Standards Committee
*1st Tuesday of every other month*

The Community Standards Committee assists with the Architectural Review Board. The Covenant governs items such as residential use, road/street use, architectural review, and property maintenance within Shipyard. Community Standards Committee ensures all property owners are upheld to all Rules and Regulations throughout Shipyard. Our goal is to continue to make Shipyard a community of pride for its owners, business partners, and visitors.

Security Committee
*each quarter and as scheduled*

The Security Committee meets once a quarter and as announced by the Director of Security. The Security Committee’s responsibility is to review all current standing policies and new policies that are being brought to attention.

Financial Committee
*twice per year as scheduled*

The Financial Planning Committee assists with reviewing the budget for Shipyard POA.

Marketing Committee
*twice per year as scheduled*

The focus of the marketing committee is constantly changing. While visitors and residents of the Lowcountry need to know the beauty that Shipyard offers, the marketing committee also focuses on introducing new potential purchasers to all things Shipyard. This has changed the committee to focus on more internal marketing.