Debris Clean Up

Hello again,

We have now completed several tours, and we witnessed many of you outside already cleaning of your yards. We know that you are all anxious to get the property back into shape shape. In the interest of time, we wanted to let you know that the Board of Directors have made a decision regarding community debris pick-up. We haven’t heard from everyone yet, but we have more than enough for a majority.

The catastrophic fund will only be used to clear the common roads and areas. Each individual owner of single-family residential properties and condominium areas will be responsible for clean-up and removal. There will be no mass pick-up. However, we do have vendors who are willing to be contracted for those services. We will have a list out by 4pm today.

In the meantime, we understand that this type of clean-up effort will take time. We are asking that all single-family residences and condominium areas are cleaned up by next Thursday, September 7th.

If you have questions, please respond to this email or call us at 843-785-3310 extension 1004. Thank you.


Meredith Elmore

General Manager

(843) 785-3310, ext. 1008