Disaster & Emergency Information

As a Shipyard community, we believe it is important that you protect your family and your property by being knowledgeable of potential threats and prepared for disaster related events. We are on a barrier island and hurricane preparation is essential for all owners and visitors. In addition, everyone should be conscious of the terrorism alert status of the Homeland Security Advisory System and be prepared for other unexpected disasters that may occur as a result of terrorist activities in the United States. Find information in the SPOA Disaster Evacuation & Recovery Guidelines or online at https://www.scemd.org/ .

Download the 2023 SCEMD Hurricane Guide here.


  • Season is June to November
  • Classified as Category One up to Category Five
  • Hurricanes also bring high winds, tornadoes, storm surges, and more

Homeland Security Advisory System

  • Provides information about risk of terrorist acts and other natural disasters
  • Levels include Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Green

**Please be advised that there will be no security, fire, police or emergency personnel on site to assist you during a mandatory evacuation if you choose to stay on the premises.**


Additional Resources:

Federal Emergency Management Agency : www.fema.gov

S. Fire Administration : www.usfa.fema.gov

Department of Health and Human Services : www.hhs.gov

Environmental Protection Agency : www.epa.gov

U.S. Postal Service : www.usps.gov

National Weather Service : www.nws.noaa.gov

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : www.cdc.gov

American Red Cross : www.redcross.org

National Fire Protection Association : www.nfpa.org