Employee Spotlight

Malcolm Madison is another “Comeback Kid”, as this is his second time working on the
Shipyard security team. He came back as a gate officer in spring 2020, and quickly
worked his way back up into a patrol role. Madison is from Alma, GA and currently
resides in Savannah. He has a wonderful son who is graduating from high school this
month, so he is a very proud dad at the moment. He enjoys wrestling and reading,
especially about American history, in his spare time. He also enjoys mentoring youth
via a program that he has been involved with for over 3 years. When asked his favorite thing
about working at Shipyard, Malcolm said he enjoys meeting new people and interacting
with homeowners. On behalf of the management team, we are so glad to have
him back with us. His positive attitude is contagious, and he is a great team player
who knows how to set the standard. Great job, Madison! Keep up the good work.