Who needs a pass?
Everyone needs a pass. If you are visiting the following locations, you do not need a pass and can proceed directly to the main 278 Gate:
Shipyard Golf Club
Hilton Head Health
Van Der Meer Tennis
Sonesta Resort
All other visitors must obtain a pass at the Pass Office located at the Welcome Center or the 278 Gate.

What is the landowner’s assessment and when it is due?
Shipyard Property Owners’ Association forwards an invoice at the beginning of the year for the care of the Shipyard common areas. This bill is due upon receipt.

What is the Transfer Fee?
One half of one percent of the sales price of Shipyard lots, homes and condominiums is due upon the sale of a property. This money is put into a fund that the POA uses for improvement projects within Shipyard. The Board of Directors approves all projects.

Who is Atlantic States Management?
Shipyard outsources their accounting for receivables and payables to Atlantic States Management. Questions on the billing should be forwarded to 843 785 3278.

When is the Annual Meeting?
The Annual Meeting for the Shipyard Property Owners’ Association is held in early March. Notice is forwarded to all owners in advance.

If you have a problem with my condominium whom should I call?
Each condominium project has a manager that basically manages the affairs of the regime and their grounds. Problems with the Shipyard common grounds, roadways and security should be forwarded to the Shipyard POA office at 843 785 3310.

Where do I go for SPOA administration?
The Welcome Center is located at the entrance to Shipyard at the William Hilton Parkway entrance. The office is open weekdays and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

What is a Nibble and Nip?
The Shipyard Beach Club has many events for property owners throughout the year. It is open for private rental but also for POA clubs and activities. A Nibble and Nip is a party where the owners bring an appetizer to share and their own beverage. There are usually two such events monthly.

Why do vendors have to pay for entrance?
Shipyard roads are private and must be maintained by the owners of Shipyard. All vendors including those providing quotes for service need to pay for entrance. Residents should not call in “guest” passes for anyone who is coming to do work or bid on work.

What is a Beach Hangtag?
Entrance to the beach parking is monitored from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend with authorization granted by a hangtag for the car. Contact the office for information on these passes. 843-785-3310.

Where can I find a manager?
The managers are available at the Welcome Center during weekdays. Security issues are handled 24 hours per day, seven days per-week so contact the gates with concerns.