Everyone entering Shipyard needs a pass. Property owners need to request a pass for friends or family, but vendors must pay for a pass. If you are visiting the following locations, you do not need a pass and can proceed directly to the gates:
Shipyard Golf Club
Hilton Head Health
Van Der Meer Tennis
Sonesta Resort

The annual assessment fee is an invoice that the Shipyard Property Owners’ Association sends at the end of December to all owners (empty lots included). This fee covers the care of the Shipyard common areas (roads, pathways, etc.). The assessment fee is due upon receipt and no later than January 31st of the following year.

The Property Transfer Fee is applied when selling a Shipyard property. The fee is one half of one percent of the sales price. It is collected upon the sale of any Shipyard lot, home, and condominium. This money is put into a fund that the POA uses for improvement projects throughout the year. The Board of Directors must approve all projects.

Atlantic States Management is an accounting company that the Shipyard POA uses as their receivable and payable department. If there are questions about your annual assessment fee or any billing questions, please contact them at (843) 785 – 3278.

The Annual Meeting for the Shipyard POA is usually held in early March at the Sonesta Resort. Notice is given to all owners around the end of January. The meeting covers the events and financial report from the previous year, as well as other things that may have happened.

Each area or neighborhood has their own management company to monitor and maintenance their own affairs. This means that anything behind the community sign is the responsibility of that management company. For example, Harbourmaster residents must contact their regime for any problems, questions, or concerns about ANYTHING behind their “Harbourmaster” sign. This company will also be different if you live in Tennismaster or Misty Cove, etc.

The Welcome Center is prepared to handle any problems regarding the common grounds, roadways, gate/patrol security, or beach parking. If you are unsure if something is handled by the regime or POA office, please give us a call at (843) 785 – 3310 ext. 1000.

If you are renting the property and have questions about your specific unit or problems, you will need to contact the company or person you are renting through. If you own a timeshare within Shipyard and have any questions your first contact should be the timeshare company. If you have any general questions about Shipyard, please contact us at the Welcome Center, (843) 785 – 3310 ext. 1000.

The Welcome Center is located at the entrance to Shipyard at the William Hilton Parkway (278) entrance. The office is open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm; Saturday 8am-12pm; and Sunday 9am-12pm. Security issues are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days per-week. Contact the gates for any concerns at (843) 785 – 4776.

The Shipyard Beach Club has many events for throughout the year. It is open to rent for private events (weddings, parties, meetings) but also for POA clubs and activities. Shipyard POA is happy to have a Men’s Club and Women’s Club as well as hosting a variety of events for owners like the quarterly Nibble & Nip. A Nibble and Nip is a party where the owners bring a food item to share and their own beverages.

Shipyard roads are private and are maintained by funds accumulated from the Shipyard owners in ways of Assessment Fees and/or Property Transfer Fees. To help cover the costs of constant property maintenance, all vendors need to pay for entrance into Shipyard. Vendors include companies like Wayfair, Home Depot, electric companies, plumbing companies, painting companies, etc. and include those providing quotes for service. It is between the owner and the vendor who pays for the pass. Owners are NOT allowed to call in passes for vendors.

A beach hangtag is required to park at the Shipyard Beach Club from Memorial Day to Labor Day every year. Beach parking is closely monitored and enforced by summer staff and Patrol Officers. Beach hangtags are issued 1 per property and are to be used by the owners and their family and friends. Contact the office for information (843) 785 – 3310 ext. 1000.