Owner Updates

Owner Updates
Important Reminders from the Welcome Center
• WELCOME CENTER HOURS – Effective May 3rd, normal business hours resumed in the Welcome Center
from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday and 8am-noon on weekends. For your convenience, we also
have a new drop box on the front porch. Feel free to drop locker and Beach Club payments etc.
off there anytime. Should you require a receipt, just make a notation on your remittance and we will
email/mail you one promptly.
• BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR – Respecting Private Property – There have been several complaints regarding
use of private property over the past few months. Please do not walk pets or cut through your
neighbor’s property. Also, staging debris on a neighbor’s yard (or in common area) is strictly
prohibited. Thanks for your compliance.
• PICKING UP AFTER PETS – Thanks to all of you who pick-up after your pets and dispose of it properly.
However, we certainly do not have 100% compliance with this. Please encourage your neighbors
and renters, if any, to be compliant. We want to keep the community as nice, clean, and enjoyable
as possible for everyone. We have also made every effort to reach out to the timeshare and rental
company managers, so that they can encourage their clients to do the same. We would appreciate
your assistance as well.
• BEACH HANGTAG SEASON- As traffic begins to pick-up at the beach, please be reminded that
beach hangtag season is upon us. They will be required from Friday, May 28th through Monday,
September 6th. If you haven’t already done so, please visit the Welcome Center to have yours
validated soon. The beach cart program will also begin on May 28th, and will run daily from 8am4pm weather permitting. Please note that the cart drivers take breaks in accordance with
applicable federal and state laws. So we ask that you be patient when waiting for pick-up near the
beach access or in the overflow parking areas.
• FOR YOUR RENTERS- If you have short-term renters (less than 6 months), please remember to leave
your personal beach hangtag for them to use or arrange for a temporary one via the short-term
rental access program. If you have long-term renters, they will be issued a temporary beach pass
beginning on May 28th and ending on September 6th (or the ending date of their lease, whichever is
sooner). Also please note that the Dispatch/Visitor’s Lane will be staffed from 8am to 5pm Monday
through Friday (noon until 6 or 7pm on the weekends) beginning on May 28th. The Welcome Center
will be open on weekends from 8am until noon. Please direct your guests to the Dispatch/Visitor’s
Lane during those hours to reduce wait times for owners trying to access the property via the gate
lanes. It would also be helpful if you would encourage your guests to bring as few vehicles as
• LOCKER RENTERS – Please do your part in helping us keep the locker area safe and enjoyable for
everyone. Keep aisles clear, do not leave items unattended and remember to keep your locker
secure at all times. Also, please note that lockers are not transferable should you choose to sell your
• IT’S TURTLE SEASON! – Turtle season typically runs from May-October. Please turn off porch lights, and
remember to fill any holes on the beach. We have also sent out a few related Eblasts with more
information. Thank you.