General POA Policies

General – Rules & Regulations

General Guidelines to Living in Shipyard 

Entry into Shipyard is authorized through the 278 Parkway Gate and the Pope Avenue Gate. As it is private property, the Association reserves the right to deny admission to any person or conveyance that does not meet proper access requirements for residential, commercial, or resort entrance. To enter, a vehicle must display a proper decal, daily pass, temporary pass, domestic pass, staff decal, or real estate pass. For additional information on specific access policies, contact the Security office at Shipyard Welcome Center for a copy of the Guide to Shipyard Security and Access Policies.

Alligators: It is imperative that owners and guests refrain from feeding, harassing, or approaching the alligators. If an alligator is fed, it associates people with food and looses its natural inclination to remain at a safe distance. Alligators also prefer 70-degree weather conditions and will be most visible on the lagoon banks and in the lagoons during these temperatures. Shipyard POA respects the life of the natural inhabitants and asks all owners and guests to respect them and their habitat.

No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind may be raised or permitted within Shipyard with the exception of dogs, cats, or other usual and common household pets. All owners, renters, and guests shall remove their pet’s waste from the common areas and other Shipyard property. Dogs must be kept in accordance with the Beaufort County “Leash Law,” and they may not be tied or left unattended outside. In accordance with Town Code, no dog or cat may bark or meow to such an extent to interfere materially with or affect the health, comfort, peace or quiet of any other person.

Assessments and Fees:
Every property owner in Shipyard pays an annual fee to the Shipyard Property Owners’ Association to cover the costs of operating the common areas. This fee is approved by the SPOA Board of Directors and is based on the budgetary needs for the coming year. The annual invoice is forwarded on January 1st of each year and is due upon receipt. The funds collected are for the operation of security and maintenance of common roads, grounds, buildings, bike paths, and lagoons. Additional fees may be charged for interest on late assessment payments or for Covenant or Architectural Review Board fines. A schedule of fines for violations is recommended by each Committee and approved by the SPOA Board of Directors. Each Committee has procedures for any appeals.

Beach Club Use and Rentals:
All property owners may access the beach at the Beach House and use the restroom during daytime hours of operation. The private Beach Club may be rented by an owner for a private party and can be reserved by contacting the Beach Club Coordinator.

Bicycles and Leisure Paths:
Shipyard has several miles of leisure paths available for jogging, biking, walking, and skating. All bikes used within Shipyard should comply with State regulations and have an operating bell and light. All owners and guests should exercise caution while using the paths and remember that they are multipurpose paths.

Commercial Contractors & Work Times:
All commercial contractors must purchase a decal or a pass to work within Shipyard. This pass gives them access to and from the worksite only. Work is only permitted from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays. Management must approve weekend work. No work is permitted on holidays.

Easements Reserved:
The Association reserves the right to grant or amend easements over any part of the common properties for utilities, drainage or other such Board approved reasons. The Association also reserves easements for maintaining utility services over and under ten feet of land adjacent to each side of the property as shown by reference in the plats or records.

Fishing is permitted in the common area lagoons, but owners and guests should not park along the roadside areas. Catch and release is recommended.

Fire, Fireworks, Firearms:
Open fires and fireworks on any property including the beach and Beach Club are prohibited by South Carolina law. The use of firearms is also prohibited.

All residential homes will have a uniform mailbox and 911 identification sign. Please contact the ADMINISTRATION office at the Welcome Center for owner installation and repair costs. The costs of the 911 signs and mailboxes are the owner’s responsibility.

Non-Conforming Vehicles:
No boat, motor home, trailer, or recreational vehicle or trailer may be left upon any portion of Shipyard for longer than 48 hours without the written consent of SPOA unless it is stored in a garage. Access permitted once per season. The Covenants define the recreational vehicle to include motor homes, boats, trailers, motorcycles, mini-bikes, scooters, go-carts, campers, buses, vans, jet skis, or jet ski trailers, (Mini-vans are not included in the term van.) Due to various commercial access agreements, the above does not apply to certain commercial entities within the property.

*Please note that regimes may have further restrictions regarding non-conforming vehicles, and residents may not exercise this option on repeat entrances.

Landscape Debris:
Shipyard does not provide pick up for yard or landscape debris. The regime, commercial entity, or owner individual must contract this service. Landscape debris cannot be staged on the roadside or remain unscreened for more than a brief period.

Motorcycles and Mopeds:
Motorcycles are not permitted into the residential or regime areas unless they are garaged and display a property owner’s decal. They are permitted access only to and from the Sonesta Resort or other commercial entities with specified commercial access easements. Rental mopeds are not permitted on the property.

Vehicles need to be parked in designated parking spaces or residential driveways or garages.

Roadside Parking:
Parking along the roadsides is discouraged. This rule may be waived for temporary periods of time for special functions, but no overnight parking is permitted.

Skateboards/Roller Blades:
Limited use of skateboards and rollerblades are permitted on leisure paths. Owners and guests need to exercise great caution on the paths and yield to the slower means of transportation on the paths.

No sign of any kind shall be erected by an owner or any occupants without the written consent of the Shipyard Architectural Review Board. This includes for sale signs on vehicles or windows.

No door-to-door solicitation of any kind is permitted within Shipyard. Mailboxes may not be used for any type of distribution other than the U.S. mail.

All garbage cans, woodpiles, and landscape debris shall be located or screened as to be concealed from view of neighboring streets and property. All rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed and shall not be allowed to accumulate. Trash cans may not be staged on roadsides.