Recovery from Tropical Storm Idalia

Huge “thank you” to Chris Gregory for staying safe
while taking a photo of our beach during Tropical Storm Idalia!

Good morning,

Our landscaping, tree care, and other maintenance teams have taken several tours this morning to assess the damage left behind by Tropical Storm Idalia. At this juncture, we are still working hard to ensure that the roads are cleared of debris and down trees/limbs. Once we finish that process, we will work to figure out a clean-up plan for private residences and condominium areas.

At this time, the Board is currently reviewing potential options, and we will reach out to you before the close of business to let you know their results. Ultimately, we are just happy that everyone is safe and there was no major damage to anyone’s property. The Welcome Center is open regular hours today (8am – 4pm), so feel free to call us if you need anything.


Meredith Elmore

General Manager

(843) 785-3310, ext. 1008