Shipyard Beach Club Facility Information


Fact Sheet

What is Included in the Rental Fee?

  • Use of the entire facility for the period of time designated on your rental agreement
  • Meeting room dimensions 27ft wide, 59 ft long
  • 130 white padded/resin folding chairs
  • 15 round 5-foot tables – takes a 120” Round table cloth
  • 2 round 4-foot tables – takes a 96” Round table cloth
  • 8 rectangular 6-foot tables – takes a 90 x 132 table cloth
  • 3 card tables
  • Access to the kitchen (microwave, warming range, refrigerator, icemaker, 2 food prep tables, and sink)
  • Use of the deck and deck furniture (5 4-foot tables & 24 chairs.)
  • Use of the gazebo on the deck – No adhesive hooks or staples permitted. Only floral wire.
  • The bar area (full-service bar, eight bar stools and four 4-top tables)
  • Women’s and Men’s restrooms (2 regular and 1 handicap stalls in both)
  • Grill *at an additional charge, and must be pre-arranged with Beach Club Coordinator

* All we provide is the facility, tables and chairs.  You must be responsible for tablecloths, décor, and catering, etc.

* Special Notice-Persons renting the grillroom for a reduced rate are limited to the use of the grillroom area only. The doors to the main room will be secured.  Access to the kitchen, deck and restrooms will be permitted.

What Do We Need from You Prior to Your Rental Date?

  • Your security deposit is due 15 business days prior to the rental date.
  • Your cleaning fee is also due 15 business days prior to the rental date.

(The deposit and cleaning fee checks can be mailed to 10 Shipyard Drive, HHI, SC 29928 or dropped of at the Welcome Center.  Personal checks will not be accepted for deposits on the day of the event.)

How Do I Get in/out on My Rental Day?

Your check-in time must be arranged/scheduled with the Beach Club Coordinator a minimum of two weeks prior to the rental date.   On the date of your rental, either a member of Shipyard Security or a Beach Club Attendant will be on-site at the specified time.  They will perform a pre-rental checklist with you at that time and inform you of the check-out procedures.  The number for Shipyard Security is (843) 785-4776. For any additional questions regarding your rental, please call Debra English, Beach Club Coordinator, at (843) 842-3507.