Shipyard Owner Decals

All teal/blue 2021 Decals have expired!!!

New decals and beach tags must be picked up at the Welcome Center in person. They cannot be mailed to you. A valid registration is required at time of pick up and all decals must be properly affixed to the windshield.

If your state does not allow stickers on the windshield, we can offer  alternative placements or paper passes on a 30 day basis. Paper passes are always issued to those renting vehicles.

Property Owners are allowed up to two (2) courtesy decals for dependents/relatives living in Beaufort County or within a 50 mile radius. NO EXCEPTIONS! Courtesy Decals are $25.00 each and require the Property Owners approval to issue the decal.

Long Term Renters (3+ months) are allowed to purchase a Renter
Decal for $25.00 (CASH ONLY). Bring the lease agreement, valid drivers license, and vehicle
registration to the office.

*If you have any questions, contact us at (843) 785-3310 ext. 1000.*