Summer Shipyard Reminders

Good afternoon Shipyard owners!

We have had questions regarding the differences between a beach stamp and a beach hangtag. So here are a few points of clarification regarding the summer beach access program:

  • Beach stamps and beach hangtags are two separate entities.
  • Beach stamps are issued to renters and timeshare owners on one of their guest passes (example the Donald Duck Family has 2 vehicles = 1 beach stamp).
  • There are no replacements for misplaced or missing beach stamps.
  • Beach hangtags are issued to owners at a rate of 1 per property.
  • The personal guests and family members of Shipyard property owners are NOT entitled to a beach stamp. The guests/family members must use the owner’s beach hangtag in order to park at the beach access point or the overflow parking area.
  • Beach stamps are issued to renters and timeshare owners only. The stamps are on the upper right hand corner of guest passes.
  • If you rent out your property on the SPOA Short-Term Rental Access Program (and you use a rental company), your rental company will arrange for your guests to receive a guest pass/beach stamp.  If you do not use a rental company (and you rent your property via VRBO etc.), then you must request the guest pass/beach stamp and will be billed accordingly.
  • Please include the following information when requesting a guest pass for a renter:
    • Five-digit code starting with a “1”
    • Guest first & last name
    • Request of 1 or 2 guest passes (if needing 3, you must gain authorization from the Membership Service Specialist)
    • Check in date & check out date
    • Shipyard address
  • The beach parking attendants are on shift from 8am to 4pm daily (weather permitting).
  • The beach shuttle runs from 9am to 5pm daily (weather permitting).The shuttle only transports people from the overflow parking area to the Beach Club and vise versa.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (843) 785-3310 ext. 1007 or