Turtle Trackers

Have you heard about Turtle Trackers? Did you know there are over 350 turtle trackers on Hilton Head, many of whom are right here in Shipyard? In fact, the Shipyard chapter is in its fifth year this season. Sea Turtle nesting season begins in May.

The Turtle Trackers are a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is “to assist with the preservation efforts for endangered sea turtles nesting on Hilton Head Island, and to educate the public for the protection of our sea turtle hatchlings heading to the ocean.” There are currently 6 chapters island-wide: Sea Pines (the founding chapter), Forest Beach, Shipyard, Palmetto Dunes/Singleton Beach, Port Royal and North End. How do trackers help the sea turtles?

The goal for all trackers is to volunteer in ways where you feel safe and comfortable.

There are many ways to volunteer. Some examples are:

  • Beach Ambassador: filling holes, flattening sand structures, removing trash and conversing with beach-goers about sea turtle protection
  • Beach Sweeps: scheduled in the off-season the 1st Saturday of the month and during the season after major holidays
  • Unscheduled Beach Sweeps: picking up beach litter at a time of your choosing
  • Educating Visitors and Residents: working one of the learning center kiosks, sharing turtle protection information, etc.
  • Serving on either a Cross Chapter Committee: establishing supportive partnerships for educational outreach.

Trackers are provided with turtle education and training, so it’s okay if you don’t know much about the turtles just yet. Plus, you will be assigned a “mentor” tracker to help get you started. Sound interesting?

Email Kay Crawford at kaycrawford46@gmail.com for information.