Vehicle Decals

Property Owners

For Property Owner Decals and Beach Hangtags you must bring your current registration, insurance, and drivers license to the Welcome Center located at 10 Shipyard Drive.

  • Owners are entitled to 2 decals and 1 beach hangtag at no charge regardless of permanent residence.
  • Owners are eligible for up to 2 additional owner decals at a charge of $25.00 per decal if their permanent residence is within Beaufort County.
  • Owners, regardless of permanent residential status, are allowed up to 2 Courtesy Decals for dependents/relatives (see Courtesy Decal section below).
  • For newly purchased vehicles, a bill of sale is acceptable with a valid Driver’s License, if within 45 days of purchase date.
  • Rental Cars cannot receive decals.
  • Decals cannot be mailed.
  • For a broken windshield, the decal must be scraped off and returned for a replacement fee $25.00.

*The Property Owner must be present to receive the decals*

Renter Decals

  • Any person/persons whose names are on a lease agreement longer than 6 months are eligible for a Renter Decal.
  • Bring the rental agreement to the Welcome Center.
  • Decals are good for one year at a time or until lease terminates.
  • It costs $25.00 per decal. Cash, cashier check, or money order accepted.

Courtesy Decals

  • Only family members of Shipyard Owners are eligible.
  • The family member must live within Beaufort County or within a 50-mile radius of Shipyard. No exceptions!
  • The owner must sign a courtesy form and bring it to the Welcome Center, giving permission to issue the decal.
  • A valid in state vehicle registration must be provided.
  • Courtesy Decals are $25.00 each.

Commercial Decals

A variety of Commercial Decals are available for purchase. They are yearly, domestic, realtor, and employee decals. Please visit the Welcome Center or call us at 843-785-3310 ext. 1000, to learn more about pricing and specifications.